Making the Fuselage (Fold-a-plane Style)

FAP Fuse involves 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch sections bonded together.  The 1/4 inch is for the curved sections. This is a layup of the inside where only the straight sections get glass.  Notice the use of Duct Tape to make a nice straight trim line 1 inch onto the 1/4 inch foam.
First 1/4th (approx.) of the fuse is turned over to glass the outside.  Note the joggle where the next section will join. One layer of Uni and one BID applied.
Another view of outside glassed (1st 1/4th). A 4x8 sheet of white tileboard was used as a mold.  Mold release was applied prior to placing on top of the piece and weighting down (the cat is extra).
Finished product folds very easily. Part 2/4 started.  This contains a horizontal fold as the tail cone slopes upward.
All pieces of 2/4 bonded together. Topside layup complete (section 2/4).
Completed remaining section 3/4 and 4/4.  All pieces ready to be bonded together to complete the fuse skin. Folded the fuse and placed in formers.  Used screw nails to secure to the formers.
Another view of fuselage in the formers. Used laser level to project a line onto the fuse.
Notice that all level lines are lined up and level except the one at station 131 (2nd from tail). Aligning and bonding the side seam.
Using cargo strap to pull sides in 1 inch to form the wasp waist. Layup of inside curves (1BID, 1UNI).
Side seam with 2BID layup. Reserved.