Making the Horizontal Stabilizer

Getting started Cutout and spliced the Spar together.  The 4-place spar is 10 feet long.
Cut out BL10 and BL52.5 ribs from templates. Ribs bonded in place.  The foam ones are oversized.
Bonding leading edge foam in place.  Used rib stitching to pull everything tightly together. With the leading edge sanded down, it's time for the evaluation photo.
Time to make up some SFTs. Positioning the vertical SFTs.
Layup 1 BID flanges in the vertical. Here are the finished vertical flanges
Positioning the horizontal SFTs. From the back side.
Layup 1 BID flanges in the horizontal. The flanges are finished on both sides (and sanded!).
Applying the skins.  Used strips of pegboard. More skins.
Glideslope antennae installed. Layup 1 BID to hold connection secure.
Closing the wing. All closed up.
Block of foam for wing tip. Notice the micro to fill in some low spots near the leading edge.
Wing tips sanded to shape. Another view of the wing tip.
C-spar layup. Duct tape and aluminum tape were used to hold the 1/4 in. foam for the C-spar layup.
Final Layup complete and sanded. Ready for post-cure.
Post-cure oven is made of 1/2 in. insulated sheets from Home Depot. Used a fan to circulate the warm air.
Floor heater with modified thermostat holds temp at 155 degrees for 5 hours.